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Accident Reconstruction Specialist

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Founded in 1984 providing quality accident reconstruction services in criminal and civil cases for plaintiffs and defendants. Accredited crash reconstruction serving the legal and insurance communities.

Stephen R. Benanti - Accident Reconstruction Specialist

Serving the Accident Reconstruction Industry Since 1984

      Stephen R. Benanti has been a traffic accident reconstruction specialist for thirty years and has investigated, reconstructed or supervised the reconstruction of over 6,700 motor vehicle accidents. He is certified and accredited by the American Traffic Safety Services Association (ATSSA), the American College of Forensic Examiners (ACFE), and the Accreditation Commission for Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR). Before retiring with the rank of Lieutenant from state service, he served as an accident reconstruction specialist for the Massachusetts State Police for twenty years and served as the Commanding Officer of the Massachusetts State Police Collision Analysis and Reconstruction Section (C.A.R.S.) for eleven years. He has been an instructor in accident investigation and reconstruction at police academies in Massachusetts, Vermont, Maine, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey. He has lectured before the United States Postal Service and for the Institute of Police Technology and Management at the University of North Florida.

      Mr. Benanti has received specialized training from the Massachusetts State Police, Institute of Police Technology and Management (University of North Florida), Northwestern University Traffic Institute, Texas Engineering Extension Service (Texas A&M University System), Society of Automotive Engineers and the Colorado School of Mines. In addition he has attended numerous seminars sponsored by accident reconstruction organizations throughout the country. Mr. Benanti holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Law Enforcement from Boston State College and a Master of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Westfield State College.

       Mr. Benanti has been ACTAR accredited (#179) since 1993 and has been an ATSSA Certified Work Site Supervisor since 1994. Mr. Benanti has testified numerous times in various State and Federal Courts as an expert witness concerning accident reconstruction issues.

Stephen R. Benanti

ACTAR No.: 179

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